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Your Eccentric Style Magazines are available in digital/print, serves as a platform for the talented individuals who are fearlessly pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and redefining what it means to be stylish. We want to inspire our readers to embrace their eccentric side and celebrate their unique beauty."

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Your Eccentric Style - Connector Guide Cover.jpg

Your Eccentric Style "Connector Guide"

Are you ready to step into the world of cutting-edge style and groundbreaking talent? Introducing our bi-monthly digital magazine, where we celebrate the Pioneers, Trendsetters, Innovators, and "Pillars" of the barber and beauty industry.


Get ready to be inspired as we shine a spotlight on the best of the best. From in-depth articles to captivating profiles, we bring you the stories of the professionals behind the chair who are shaping the industry's future.


Discover the visionaries who are redefining beauty, one trend at a time. Elevate your knowledge and be part of the movement with our digital magazine.

Your Eccentric Style - Special Edition Cover.jpg

Your Eccentric Style "Special Edition"


 Our Special Edition Magazine is dedicated to showcasing the most creative hairstyles and beauty looks in the industry. Our latest issue features the winners of our contest, who worked with boutiques and photographers to create truly unique and innovative styles.


We hope that our magazine inspires you to think outside the box with your own personal style, and to embrace your own eccentricities.


Our quarterly publication is a must-read for anyone who is passionate about beauty and style.

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