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In 2010, Rene D. Glover founded Your Eccentric Style Barber & Beauty Network. She initially worked as a nail tech and quickly realized the importance of marketing to stand out from her competitors. While attending a network marketing event, she noticed the growing influence of the digital age. This sparked an idea as she saw shops and salons with signs in their windows and booths available for rent. Using her entrepreneurial skills, she designed Your Eccentric Style Barber & Beauty network.

To promote the network, she launched an online directory, which led to impressive growth in statistics. She also introduced a digital magazine, although it was ahead of its time. The network's first "Monday Night Live Industry Affair" took place on December 3, 2012, followed by the inaugural "Black Hairitage Extravaganza" on February 23, 2013, which honored influential professionals in the industry.

Despite a promising start, founder Rene D. Glover faced personal challenges when her father became terminally ill and passed away in 2018. However, she remained determined to relaunch the network in 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a halt to those plans. Looking ahead to December 2023, Your Eccentric Style Barber & Beauty Network is set to relaunch as "Your Eccentric Style Marketing Agency," exclusively catering to the barber and beauty industry.

Your Eccentric Style Marketing Agency


To provide barber and beauty professionals with cutting-edge marketing strategies, tools, and resources that enable them to showcase their skills, build a strong client base, and achieve financial success. We aim to create a casual and supportive environment where professionals can freely exchange ideas, learn from each other, and grow together.


To revolutionize the barber and beauty industry by empowering professionals through innovative marketing strategies, creating a community of successful and thriving individuals.

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